Hi AMPL team,

Interested in understanding more about AMPL, some questions below:

  1. In cases of AMPL below $1 my net value of my holdings referenced to USD will drop until such stage as the Peg is back above the 2019 USD value, in the case of 2019 when the price stayed consistently below $1 for 5 months was this due to consistent NET sell pressure on the price? In this case if people had sold they'd have a net loss however if people had held till price recovered to $1 they'd be neutral again to whatever their portfolio value was at $1. So what is the incentive to hold during periods of below $1 peg? The short term trade would be to get out before $1 and only get back in after $1 however if everyone did that supply would go to zero. So there needs to be a reason to incentivise holders in periods of sub $1 peg, what would that incentive be?

  2. Likely build onto the previous Q, currently we have the Geyser reward system in place and it is funded from where? Where are the airdropped tokens for LPs coming from? I think I read this was the ecosystem fund, what is the size/mechanics of that fund ? Is there a contract address we can look at for this?

  3. I realise the team has not made a decision yet on the future of geyser but has commited to there being a new incentive reward system in place, I would assume given the current yield farming dynamics Uniswap is good but balancer is also equallty as interesting plus with the added incentive of additional airdropped BAL tokens for LPs so my suggestion would be for the team to consider that strongly.

  4. The telegram is unusable to have a useful discussion way too much spam and gifs, please make a discord like every other large ETH project so you can A ) have been discussions in relevant channels B) weed out spam, banning is much better, spammers cannot easily create bot accounts like they can in telegram C) make the discord the central point of contact with the team.

Thanks for any replies!