One of the significant use-cases of Blockchain technology is serving Decentralized Exchange platforms. Nowadays, people prefer Decentralized as they hold a lot more privacy factors.

To be short, Decentralized Exchange does not involve a third party intervention or any organization to hold the customer's fund, which eventually gains credibility from the users. These platforms are fueled with a peer-to-peer mechanism to process the transaction on an automated basis. According to a stat, we can expect that the DEX trading volume will increase to 150%. Many startups and entrepreneurs are interested to start their own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. Many of them have this question, “why one should create a decentralized crypto exchange?”. Here’s the answer.

Reasons to build a Decentralized crypto exchange:

Lack of a Central Authority
Faster Trading

Do you wanna know the steps to build a highly secure decentralized crypto exchange platform, check out this exclusive guide on how to build a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange?

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