What tools to you use to track liquidity pool change and DeFi token prices?
Something we have not seen previously on the market is this telegram bot tool https://t.me/EtherDROPS_bot

Basically, with the help of this bot you can receive instant notifications on liquidity pool change of any DeFi (only Ethereum based though).
Additionally, you can monitor the price of DeFi tokens. Quite helpul because you can stay alert 24/7 and make accurate and weighted investment decisions based on it. If you the value of a liquidity pool drastically fall or increase- time to think about it!
Just as an example, we have attached a screenshot of these notifications.

As a nice addition, you can track any Ethereum based wallet, whether it belongs to a whale or simply your own one!

Tell us what you think? What do you use to monitor liquidity pools and prices?