Before getting deep into the topic, let's have a little intro of what is an ERC20 token? and why you should develop one?

We all know that Ethereum is the second popular cryptocurrency. It is Expanding and it has its own Blockchain. Like Crypto exchanges, tokens can also be exchanged using a crypto exchange platform. When someone is launching an ICO to raise funds, investors can provide funds with Ethereum tokens or cryptocurrencies. This is done by smart contracts - an automated Executable program which dispenses the tokens.

Newly created tokens should contain all the information needed by the smart contracts. There are many standards in Ethereum, Out of which these ERC20 Tokens are the most preferred one. coz, they are simple and easy to deploy. If you are capable of Programming you can create ERC20 tokens with these languages - Mutan, LLL, Solidity and serpent. Developing an ERC token needs a lot of time and computational skills. But once you’ve completed, you can scan the smart contract with etherscan verification. Validating the tokens and deploying code in the Ethereum Blockchain is the final step. Have insight at this Blog Explaining all the terms in detail - "How to create Your ERC20 token?"