AMPL launching on Tron, Polkadot & NEAR

Ampleforth Foundation is announcing AMPL will expand beyond Ethereum with 3 new blockchain integrations: Tron, Acala (Polkadot), and NEAR. As decentralized finance moves across chains, so too will the core monetary assets. We’ve seen this with Bitcoin, Tether, and now AMPL.

AMPL is like Bitcoin, except it can be used to denominate stable contracts due to its elastic supply policy. Unlike Tether, DAI and other stablecoins, AMPL does not rely on centralized collateral or lenders of last resort. This makes AMPL the first independent multichain cryptocurrency.

Historically in crypto, tech platforms and money are tightly coupled ideas. But Ampleforth was founded two years ago in anticipation of a multichain world, which is why we envisioned the power, value, and potential for a chain-independent currency. This is a major accomplishment on the Ampleforth roadmap and further establishes AMPL as a vital building block within decentralized finance.

“Tron’s ecosystem is obsessed with cutting-edge DeFi assets and capabilities, which is why everyone is so excited about AMPL,” said Justin Sun, founder of TRON, CEO of BitTorrent. “We expect deep liquidity pools to form early on in order to support widespread use for trading and collateral as soon as possible.”

"Polkadot pioneered a new architecture for blockchain-based coordination, while Ampleforth invented a novel cryptocurrency money," Jack Platts, Co-Founder of Hypersphere Ventures, a Polkadot-focused venture firm said. "Ampleforth becoming the first chain-independent pure money is the type of big thinking and daring experimentation we look for in projects."

“NEAR is excited to be a part of Ampleforth’s vision of a multichain future, especially in DeFi,” said Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR. “We focus on empowering the NEAR developer community to build robust, scalable projects across a range of use cases, so collaborating with Ampleforth is a natural fit. As we continue to support more well-known DeFi projects in bridging to NEAR, we expect increasing demand for building blocks like AMPL."

Ampleforth Foundation is proud to partner with these complementary projects, but it’s important to remember that AMPL is a permissionless asset. The expectation is that more blockchain integrations will follow soon, many of which will be done completely by external third parties. Wherever there is decentralized finance, there will be demand for stable contracts denominated in independent money. This is the Ampleforth vision.

These integrations will be going live over the next few months. Stay tuned for further updates here and other roadmap milestones on Twitter and Discord.