You can check my wallet @ ethisfunny.eth
I contributed to the Enceladus Geyser on August 22nd for 828 AMPL and .89 MKR. I then deposited the Mooniswap V1 into the Geyser.
Additionally, I then bought an additional 659 AMPL on August 23rd and left them on my wallet. The number went down to 629 up until yesterday, which makes sense because of the negative rebase. I expected that. But last night when everyone received a +5% positive rebase. I received an -11% negative rebase to AMPL shown on my wallet. I went from 629 to 564. Clearly, that's not something I would expect. What's going on with that?

Edit: I'm not sure if people will believe me, which I can understand. Here's a screenshot, though. I'll take another one after the rebase if it happens again.