The day has come - The Geyser is finally here!

This third and final installment of 'How To Handle Your Amples' will offer a step-by-step walkthrough on migrating the previously acquired AMPL/ETH UNI v2 token (check out Part 2: here) to the newly launched Geyser distribution program.

Below I have provided a brief video demonstration, showcasing the rather quick participation process:


Step 1: Double-check UNI Token Holdings

Before diving into the The Geyser, as a precautionary measure, I recommend double-checking your Pool holdings just to be sure that everything is up-to-par.

You can see your poisitions here:
* Note that your liquidity supply will populate under 'Your Liquidity'.

Step 2: Go To The New & Improved AmpleForth Website

Once everything looks good to go in Uniswap, proceed to AmpleForth's revamped webpage (

Here you'll see a staking option on the top-left corner of the screen - it should read: 'Stake'

Once you click on this option, you should be navigated to the Ampleforth Geyser page (here's the link: Ampleforth Geyser).

Step 3: Begin Staking

Congratulations, you're literally a couple clicks - or taps - away from participating in The Geyser!

Now that you're viewing the Geyser (in all its codefied glory), you'll see a rather high 'APR*' (annual percent return). Don't let this discourage you from proceeding - as more users begin migrating over, this percentage will regulate to a more accurate represenation.

Click/Tap on the 'Deposit' option.

You'll see an 'Enter Amount' text occupy the field in which you'll plug-in the desired amount of UWETHAMPL-v2 Tokens you wish to supply.

For convenience purposes, you can click on the 'max' option; which will deposit all of your holdings into The Geyser.

Once you've entered the amount (or decided to max-out), a rewards estimate per month will generate in the 'Your Estimate Rewards' section.

Below you'll see a bright reddish 'Deposit' button.

When you click/tap deposit, MetaMask (or whichever respective wallet interface you may be using) will ask to authorize Ampleforth to access your UWETHAMPL-v2 tokens - for a fee (of course).

You'll then be charged a Gas Fee to facilitate this transaction.

Step 4: Sit back, Relax, and Accumulate Amples

If you made it this far, I commend you! You are now an active participant in AmpleForth's Geyser!

All you have to do now is accumulate your Amples in The Geyser, and continue to stack your Amples as well.

Welcome to an adaptive money built on sound economics: Ampleforth Protocol.