In preparation for the Geyser launch, I am composing a 3 part series that will demonstrate how to:

1. Swap your ETH to Amples via Argent Wallet
2. Send your Amples to MetaMask to participate in ETH/Ampl Unipool
3. Migrate your Unipool holdings to the Geyser and start earning!

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid

This demonstration builds atop of Part I, where we swapped our ETH for AMPL using Argent Wallet. In this tutorial, we'll be sending our Amples from Argent Wallet to MetaMask, and ultimately begin participating in Uniswap's ETH/AMPL Unipool.


Step 1: Send Amples to MetaMask

Once you open your Argent Wallet, tap on the AMPL tab.

You'll be navigated to your AMPL wallet and offered two options:

  1. Buy/Sell
  2. Send

Since we would like to transfer our Amples to our MetaMask wallet, let's tap on the '

Argent will open up a 'Send' page in which you can paste the address of your MetaMask, or you can utilize the QR Scanner and Argent will fill-in the field with your public key.

Once your public key (address) has populated, you'll be directed to a 'Send to... page where you'll choose the amount of Ampl that will be sent to your MetaMask wallet.

Make sure that the address shown in the 'To' section, matches with your MetaMask wallet.

In the video demonstration, I decided to 'use max', however you're not obligated to do the same. Feel free to send an amount that you feel comfortable with.

Proceed by tapping on the 'continue' button, located in the bottom portion of the screen.

You'll see that a 'Review Transfer' page will pop-up - this is simply a receipt reflecting the impending transaction.

For now, Argent Wallet will be covering all transfer fees - as seen in the 'Fee' section reading: Free- Paid by Argent.

Tap 'Send'.

Step 2: Check MetaMask for Amples

Before we get to the fun stuff, let's double-check that our Amples have made it safely to our MetaMask wallet.

In order to do so, tap on the Fox icon on the top right-hand corner of your browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

Your MetaMask wallet will open; displaying your ETH balance (if any).

On the top, left-hand corner of the MetaMask window, tap on the hamburger menu button (the three, bold, horizontal lines) seen under the Fox icon.

Here, you'll see any and all ERC-20 tokens held within your MetaMask wallet.

Scroll down until you see a tab that says: 'Ampl'.

If you don't see an Ampl tab, don't worry your funds are not lost. We just have to add the token contract to your account.

Step 2A: Add Ampl token to your MetaMask

Keeping your ERC-20-token menu open, scroll down until you see the 'Add Token' button.

After tapping on 'Add Token', tap on the 'Custom Token' tab.

Paste the Ampleforth token contract address in the 'Token Contract Address' field (copy the contract address provided below).

Upon pasting the contract address, the subsequent fields will populate the necessary information on their own.

Click 'next' and you should see your Ampl wallet as well as the correlating balance of Amples.

Step 3: Go to Uniswap.Exchange - Join The Unipool!

Type in your browser - or click on the hyperlink :)

Tap on the 'Pool' tab, followed by the 'Join Pool' tab.

In the search menu, type 'Ampl'.

Uniswap will automatically generate the corresponding Unipools, shown below:

As shown in the video demonstration, I decided to participate in the AMPL/ETH pool. You can do so by clicking 'Join'.

Now, in order to participate in the AMPL/ETH pool (or any Unipool), you must have the equivalent amount of ETH and AMPL to provide liquidity.

For example, if you're supplying 100 Amples, you must, in turn, supply the proportionate value of ETH (which at the time of writing is approximately: 0.392429 ETH).

To begin participating, tap 'Supply'.

A small confirmation window will pop-up displaying:
* ETH Deposited
* AMPL Deposited
* Exchange Rates between both assets ( n ETH = n AMPL; n AMPL = n ETH).
* Share of Pool

If everything is up to par, go ahead and 'Confirm Supply'.

MetaMask will proceed to charge a Gas Fee in order to facilitate the transaction.

Depending on the Fee and Gas Price, your transaction may take up to 30 seconds - 2 minutes to finalize.

Step 4: Confirm your Transaction

Once your transaction is verified and confirmed, Uniswap will provide you with an Etherscan address.

This address can be considered an immutable receipt, forever accessible on the Ethereum blockchain.

Here I have attached the link to my transaction receipt, to showcase how a successful transaction will look like on Etherscan:
* Transaction Address:

You are now a Uniswap Liquidity Provider and one step closer to participating in the Geyser!

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