What's amazing about the DeFi ecosystem, is how interoperably effective some of these projects are at executing composable transactions.

In this brief tutorial, we'll be doing a quick walkthrough on how to add liquidity to the ETH/AMPL Uni v2 pool using Zapper and migrating our tokens to The Geyser.

What's Zapper you may ask?
Here's a quick introduction to how this Pool-Piping project came to be:


Step 1: Go to Zapper.fi

To begin, you'll want to go to zapper.fi ( ? or just click on the link)

Your MetaMask wallet will automatically sync to the Zapper protocol, so no need to worry about going through the hassle of connecting your wallet.

Click on the 'Invest' option shown on the top-left corner of the screen.

You'll be direct to a dashboard titled: 'Explore Opportunities'.

Under the text that reads: Add liquidity to earn fees, incentives, voting rights, etc. You'll see a search box - allowing you to look for any specific pool you may want to participate in.

The particular pool we'll be participating in will be the: "ETH/AMPL Uniswap v2' pool. So, in the search box, if you type Ample, Zapper will automatically generate the ETH/AMPL Unipool.

Click/Tap 'Add Liquidity'.

Step 2: Choose the token and the amount you'll like to supply

By clicking/tapping on the add liquidity button, a small window will pop-up offering you the option to designate the amount of tokens you'd like to supply.

Now say you don't want to supply $ETH and instead would like to supply $USDC (like me). Well, all you have to do is click on the drop-down menu (right next to the Enter Amount box) and choose the USDC option.

Once selected, feel free to input the amount of liquidity you'll be providing.

Notice that under the 'Output' section, Zapper is populating the proportionate value(s) of the supplied token.

After you've plugged-in the desired amount, choose the Gas setting that will facilitate this transaction.

  • > Side Note: I highly recommend using ethgasstation.info to determine the most economic Gas setting for your transaction.

Click/Tap 'Confirm'.

Step 3: Migrate ETH/AMPL Pool token(s) to Geyser

You now have successfully added liquidity to the ETH/AMPL pool without using ETH OR AMPL. That's pretty badass.

Now comes to fun part - migrating to The Geyser.

To go directly to The Geyser dashboard type in: ampleforth.org/geyser/.

Once you get to the dashboard - you know the drill:
1. Click on 'Deposit' header.
2. Enter the amount you'd like to provide (or click 'max' to supply all of your holdings).
3. Allow Geyser to generate 'Your Estimate Rewards'.
4. Confirm the transactions by clicking/tapping the 'Deposit' button.


Just like that, in 3 quick steps, you have successfuly added liquidity to the ETH/AMPL Unipool and began particiating in Ampleforth's Geyser distribution program!