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Who we are

AMPL Talk is a safe haven for all the kids who grew up endlessly fascinated with the history, theory, and macroeconomics of money. We seek to understand the role of cryptocurrencies in this context—and share a desire to have fun learning and connecting with like-minded people.

1. Front Page Articles

Front Page Articles is a curated selection of posts. These articles tend to be longer form in nature but have all been featured on the front page at one point or another. It is also (you guessed it) a forum. If you'd like to have something featured on the front page please reach out to the mods.

2. Main Forums

The Main Forums are organized by a number of subforums for better organization, and we expect to continue expanding into more categories as the community evolves. Please have a look at the community guidelines as you get started.

3. The Sky's the Limit

As you know there are many tribes in the crypto community: builders, privacy-geeks, cryptography-geeks, and more. We wanted to connect with other money-nerds so we started this forum because no such place existed—but everybody is welcome to participate. There's no reason we can't talk about things outside economics and we welcome all perspectives. If you have any suggestions about how to improve the community, post them in the Meta forum.